mp3 audio

Water Birds by Mara Helmuth and Rebecca Danard, performed by Rebecca on bass and Bb clarinet. A wireless network infrared sensor system sends proximity data of the performer into the computer. 2010. 10 min.

Where is my Voice? appears on disk 2 of 50th Anniversary University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios commemorative collection CD. Steve Sunderland, text. 2008. UIEMS. 6 min.

Butterfly Within for flute and stereo audio. performed by Bradley Garner. 2006. 6 min.

bugs and ice: a Question of Focus. 2002. 6 min.

Loonspace for percussion trio and stereo audio. performed by Percussion Group Cincinnati. 2001.

Mellipse for stereo audio. 1989 (rev. 1995). 8 min.